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testimonial slider screenshot First Place Brian Travis/Steve Shaw

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testimonial slider screenshot First Place Adam Haithcock and Greg Taylor

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testimonial slider screenshot1st Place Boater Grey Pardue. 1st Place Non Boater Tobey Lawson

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call to action screenshot1st. Place Joey Kennedy and Andrew Smith

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Meet Our Regional Winners

The NCTBF 1st Regional was held on Falls lake on March 4th & 5th after having unseasonable warm weather there was an extreme cold front before the tournament causing high pressure and blue bird skys. Its was tough fishing for some but these guys found a way to overcome the extream and pull out some very large bags on both days.

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Hunter White and Will Dewey had 10.12 pounds and finished in 10place at the TBF High School Regional Tournament on Lake Murry in Saturday March 4th




Cody "Deuce" West at the Cabelas in Fort Mill SC. Recieved a custom Gemini Sports Marketing Jersey, A Trophy from TBF National,and a Cool pair of SolarBat 20/20 SunGlasses



Hello everyone and welcome to our new website:

My name is Robert Griswold and I am the newly elected North Carolina Bass Federation President - I am inviting you to take a moment and check out the all new North Carolina Bass Federation for 2017. The NCTBF has a long and rich history of working with the grassroots fishermen in North Carolina and we want you to know that the North Carolina Bass Federation has renewed it's commitment to our members and our fellow fishermen. To past federation members or new fishermen with no tournament experience we will provide access to existing fishing clubs or help you and your friends start up your own fishing club. We can offer to everyone, expert advice and materials to help you have fun ways of teaching our youth the joys of fishing and growing our sport with you and your fishing buddies. For 2017 we will be introducing the all new NCTBF Team Tournament Trail along side of our traditional Regional Tournaments. The new NCTBF Tournament Trail will be an opportunity for you and your regular fishing partner to fish together for large cash payouts and qualify to fish in the State Tournament Trail Championship. From the State Championship you will have the opportunity to qualify and fish in the National TBF District 2 Semi National Tournament - should you qualify - all of your entry fees, hotel cost, team gear and some cash for both fuel and food will be provided. From there you could advance all the way to the FLW Forrest Wood Cup. We will continue to host the original two regional tournaments for our traditional club fishermen with the top 3 boaters and top 3 non-boaters from each regional advancing (entry fee paid) into the State Championship with the same opportunity to qualify and fish on the State Team and win the same large cash prizes, products and team gear as the trail participants. Our mission is to promote the sport of Bass Fishing to everyone young and old, boy or girl. We have in place a trail that will provide funding of our youth programs and provide paid entries into the District 2 Semi National Tournament along with hotel, food and fuel allowances for all of our qualifying anglers. The all new tournament trail is designed to give each fisherman and their partner greater opportunities to fish tournaments on your own home waters by hosting 9 regional, 100+ boat tournaments and a rotating location State Championship with large cash awards, raffles and door prizes of Cabelas, BPS or Gander Mountain gift cards ranging from $25 , $50 and $100 dollars just for participating. Big fish and side pot monies along with raffles for YETI tumblers will also enhance the cash and prize awards available. Come check us out. If you once were a federation member we welcome you back to an all new format and greater opportunities. If you are new to bass fishing and tournaments reach out to us and we can partner you up with one of our existing clubs or help you and your friends get your very own club started. I thank you for stopping by and I ask that you look around our new website. Tell us what you think and contact us with any questions that you have - Sincerely Robert Griswold

Making the 2017 North Carolina State Team - Your Journey begins here.

How do you qualify to be on the North Carolina State Team and fish in the District 2 Semi National Tournament? There are three paths to make the State Team with three simple steps to follow.

Your path starts here: Your Club, Two Regional Tournaments and the "NEW" 2017 NCTBF Team Tournament Trail: The Three Steps that You Need to take...

First - Join the North Carolina Bass Federation The cost is $90.00 - this covers your FLW dues, your BFL dues and National TBF dues as well as your local NCTBF dues

Second - Join a club or start your own club: We have all the tools to help you start your own club or if are just looking to join an existing club we can help put you in touch with clubs local to you. Don't have a boat - In some cases there are clubs that are in need of non-boaters. We may be able to pair you up with a club even if you don't own your own boat. This is a great way to learn the basics of fishing and boat safety.

Third - Participate. It's that simple.

Now a breakdown of how you earn a spot on the State Team: There are three ways for you to qualify-

1st way to qualify: Depending on how your club operates you may fish a monthly club tournament or just fish in a few tournaments a year. During the year your club can submit a team to your Regional Director and that team may fish in the District 2 Semi National Tournament along with the State Tournament Trail Qualifiers and the State Championship Qualifiers.

2nd way to qualify: There are two Regional Tournaments: The top 3 boaters and the top 3 non boaters from each Regional Tournament will qualify to fish in the State Championship with their entry fee paid for. At the State Championship the Regional Qualifiers have the opportunity to win big money awards and prizes along with the opportunity to qualify for the North Carolina State Team and fish in the District 2 Semi National Tournament.

3rd way to qualify: register and fish in the State Team Trail. The top 6 boaters and the top 6 non-boaters in total points at the end of the tournament season will qualify to be on the North Carolina State Team and fish in the District 2 Semi National Tournament. Every team that fishes in at least 4 of the 9 qualifying tournaments will qualify to fish in the State Championship. The top 6 boaters and the top 6 non-boaters from the State Championship will qualify to be on the North Carolina State Team and fish in the District 2 Semi National Tournament.

That's it - The NCTBF is providing you the federated member three ways to compete. Take your opportunity to fish your way to the FLW Forrest Wood Cup. You decide how you make the team. Click on each tab for a breakdown of your opportunities to compete along with the associated rules and costs.

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State President: Robert Griswold
2634 Long Shoals road Lincolnton NC 28092 704-740-9092
Email Robert

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