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    TBF National Semi-Finals FAQ list.

    Q. Do I (state federation or club) have to change our format to a Boater –Co-Angler format now?

    A. NO keep any format you wish. People who advance to a TBF National Semi Final will need to be designated as a boater or as a co-angler but they can come from any format.


    Q. It says the top 10% of state participation can advance or a minimum of 12 anglers. (6 boaters and 6 Co-anglers) How do we know what the top 10% is and who gets to advance?

    A. Example; Today you must fish 4 events in your state to make the current state team, each event has 30 boats.(60 participants) times 4 events equals 240 participants spots competing today in your federation. So your state earns 24 advancement spots (10% of 240) it is up to your state how those 24 spots (12 boaters and 12 co-anglers) are allocated in your state to best encourage growth.


    Q. How come a person who enters the national Semi-finals as a co-angler gets to take away a boaters spot if he catches more fish than his boaters?

    A. They do not, whatever you enter the national semi-finals as (boater or co-angler) you stay that way until the events is over, you cannot change. However we are there to catch more fish than the next guy! So if you are one of the top co-angler(s) in an advancement position from your state and you can amass more total weight than your top boater from your state you have to CHOICE to advance to the Federation National Championship as a boater and we will pull up the next co-anglers in the standings NO ONE LOOSES a spot or has a spot taken away. We add a spot for your state!


    Q. We are worried about the top 2 from each club advancement opportunity causing clubs to split and from paper clubs or no longer attending our state tournaments.

    A. As we discussed in our presidents meetings in August, each state might want to put some SIMPLE, RESONABLE rules into place in the new program to make sure that a bunch of paper clubs do not pop up if you do not want them and to encourage attendance at state events. BUT at the same time we don’t want to make it so hard to be in good standing that we keep people away with “clicky” rules. We are here to serve EVERY member. TBF leadership believes STRONGLY in home rule and state’s ability to run their own program so TBF will stay clear as long as the TBF board feels the state and the state boards of directors are acting in the best interest of ALL of its members, and rules don’t get ridiculous as far as who can qualify or where. A word of caution here….DO NOT do the “same old things” they obviously are not working. Think outside the box, encourage growth and make people feel welcome. BE RESONABLE, if you do not like mandates forced on you, guess what neither do your clubs so do not force unreasonable demands on them it has to work both ways.

    Having said that it puts a responsibility on the state presidents and state boards to NOT hold all of the events on one end of the state and then try to force anglers to drive hours on end to get there just because they have the votes to put the events on their side of the state or home lakes be FAIR

    . If you need to put some support rules into place for the new program here are some suggested list of ideas you may want to consider or use for your state federation, with the idea that clubs are supporting your state federation and your state events.

    The goal here is to keep clubs and paper clubs from advancing 2 people without that club supporting the state federation events in some way AND without taking numbers e OUT of your state tournaments but by in fact encouraging others to come and fish.

    You might want to consider adding these to your TOURNAMENT RULES (for now) and then merging them into your bylaws later after a year or two when we shake out the program and it matures. I also encourage you ALL to share your best practices and what is working in your state with other states.

    • Obvioulsy the club must be active with TBF National Office and Maintain 100% TBF membership (is already a national requirement by the Presidents and always has been, but not very well enforced) - (to support the federation, the state and for insurance).

    Other idea’s on state rule’s for a club to send its Top 2 anglers direct to the Semi-Finals……..

    OR • Clubs must support & participate any state tournament that is held within XYZ miles of their home town. I would suggest that 4 hours is a pretty good measure. If the state CHOOSES not to put a tournament within 4 hours of your clubs then they should NOT be penalized for not driving 8-12 hours. Or it might spur growth in areas of the state that you have no clubs. We are here to serve our members, ALL our members not just our state board members. (this way if a state board sets all the tournaments on the east side of the mountain range the clubs 800 miles away on the other side are exempt that year from having to attend in order to send their top 2 direct to the Semi-Finals. (you can’t blame the clubs if your state leadership won’t put a tournament anywhere close to them…..they likely are not participating now anyway.)

    OR • Possibly consider placing a rule that says each new club must have at least 6 NEW members in it to earn advancement spots (Define NEW as not an active member for the last 2 years? ) the purpose is growth here not to split existing clubs. OR • Have at least 8 active TBF members to earn your top 2 club spots.

    OR • You must support (1) state youth or conservation project each year something simple as writing a letter opposing something of interest to anglers, hosting a youth event or supporting a state event, keeps them from being a paper club.

    OR • Your club must attend & support the state region tournament in your local area. Keep this goal small and easy to reach - (1, 2 events/people) (If you are only having 15 boats per events now guess what they are not participating now anyway! So instead of forcing the same people to come why not put in place motivators to lure in NEW people? ) It might even be that the top 2 from each club who are already qualified attends just to secure their spot because no one else from the club is willing to attend but that is THEIR choice, put that burden on the club and outcome is the same, no one losses.

    To spur growth or new members and regions…….you NEED a path for NEW clubs to join and old clubs to rejoin. The more that fish with your state the more spots you earn to advance and everyone wins! It is NOT exclusionism anymore because we are afraid someone will take “our” spot on the state team, the more that fish the state the more that advance FROM the state.

    What is a legitimate new 6 person man club to do if they want to join? Why would they ever join if they get no benefit? HOW are you ever going to grow beyond what you are today? When you add too many rules that are too hard to follow and manage it only causes trouble. People have no incentive to join you and they will not.

    HAVE FUN with this, make your life easier, reach out to old and invite in new clubs!

    DO NOT get stuck in what we USED to do as this is a whole NEW program a new CONCEPT and a fresh CLEAN SLATE , think outside the box! Ask yourself HOW can I use this to grow our state federation.

    We all agreed what we were doing was NOT working……so let’s not take the easy way out and do the same old things anymore!

    Let’s grow this together!!

    If you have questions feel free to ask them and I will add to this FAQ list for all to see and hear.